Legacy of the Inventor: A Timmi Tobbson Children's Adventure Book

Legacy of the Inventor: A Timmi Tobbson Children's Adventure Book

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Unravel "solve-them-yourself picture mysteries" and uncover the Legacy of the Inventor!

The adventure is divided into 31 concise chapters, each of which ends with a puzzle to be solved by finding and interpreting visual clues concealed within a beautiful color illustration. Suited for explorers and sleuths young and old. Children under 8 years may need assistance in solving some of the puzzles. Grade level: 3rd and up.

A Story for the Heart - A Challenge to the Mind

Staying true to the Timmi Tobbson brand, this is a story about friendship.

And about the drive to explore, to inquire and to second-guess. All three main characters require perseverance and courage to succeed, and derive the necessary strength from their friendship.

Gets Kids' Eyes Off Screens

Timmi Tobbson books are designed to also engage today's young video gamers and water their taste for books. One of the main reasons for the appeal of video games is a frequent feeling of accomplishment. This book is designed to achieve the same. The 31 concise chapters, each ending with a puzzle to be solved, provide an equally rewarding experience. The high-quality visuals are another reason video gaming kids will feel right at home.

Beautiful Color Illustrations

A Timmi Tobbson adventure always gives readers the best of both worlds, merging the visual appeal of a graphic novel with text-based storytelling's power to spark imagination.