About The Bookcycle

The Bookcycle is an independent, online, boutique style bookstore based in the quaint, river town of North East, Maryland. 
We serve our customers on this website, and at various Farm Markets and Vendor Fairs all across Cecil County.
Check our events page for where we will be popping up next!

At The Bookcycle our mission is to inspire, captivate, and nourish a love of the written word in every person we meet.  
All of our books are carefully hand selected to provide you with a variety of clean, and wholesome titles. We aim to ensure that you don't ever have to worry about what your children are reading, or have any surprises pop up in what you are reading. Our bookshop's goal is to give you a safe place to grow your home library. 



 Meet the Staff

Becca Small, Owner

A Cecil County native, Becca has been an avid lover of books since she was a small child. It has been her dream to own her own bookstore for many years. If she isn’t reading books, looking at books, or talking about books, she is spending time with her husband and three children, their two dogs, and two cats. You can also find her at ballet class at the local dance school, embroidering, learning the piano, riding her bicycle - that was the inspiration for The Bookcycle’s name, and watching Friends. She loves Jesus, and these good old United States of America. Becca believes that reading is a vital part of the human life, and she aspires to spread the joy of reading to everyone she meets. Her favorite book genres are, fiction, non-fiction, romance, historical fiction, history, theology, mysteries, and children’s literature; there isn't much she doesn't like to read.

Ellie, Bookshop Dog

 Ellie is a Great Pyrenees. She thoroughly enjoys belly rubs, and will happily accept all the dog treats she’s given – she’s not picky. Her favorite season is winter; she loathes the summer and prefers to spend it relaxing in the air conditioning. When Ellie isn’t protecting her family and their neighborhood, her hobbies are going for swims in the river, and in her creek in her backyard. She likes going on walks, visiting her neighbors, and going for long car rides. She also enjoys getting very muddy, but hates getting baths. Her favorite way to end the day is snuggling up on her sisters’ beds at night to read bedtime stories.
Her favorite books are those about animals and nature; she loves a good adventure story, and mysteries.