Stuff Every Coffee Lover Should Know

Stuff Every Coffee Lover Should Know

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This pocket-sized handbook is the perfect gift for coffee connoisseurs, those looking to grind and brew their own beans, and anyone who appreciates a cup of coffee with or without caffeine.


If you're like most people, you start every day with a hot cup of joe. But beyond your steaming morning mug, there's a whole world waiting to be discovered--from roast varieties to brewing methods to the traditions, ceremonies, and customs of cultures around the globe.


Within the pages of this guide, coffee lovers of all levels will find useful information, helpful how-tos, and fascinating trivia about their beloved beverage, including


- Highlights from Coffee History
- Anatomy of the Coffee Cherry
- Freshness in Coffee
- Caffeine Content 101
- Popular Espresso Drinks
- Coffee Cocktails


*Non Fiction